10 casas o estancias impresionantes

La arquitectura va cambiando y cada vez vemos más locuras que enamoran ❤️?

Aquí te traemos 10 casas o estancias que te dejarán con la boca abierta.

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#1 Guys what’s your thought on a water body outside a house.Design

#2 How about living in a private cottage in the wild? ☘️..for cr

#3 Can you guess which country this castle is in? ??: @bokehm0n.


#5 House in the woods located at Santiago, Nuevo León, #Mexico ⠀De

#6 Swipe left & Comment what you like/don’t like about “Cafe Design

#7 New to our collection: The Trap, Essex. A bath sunk into the dec

#8 This 250 square foot adobe dome getaway in Terlingua, Texas is t

#9 Little legend Tayla from @glampoz doing her thang in front of ou


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